How to Work a Trade Show 2016



Taking two or three days to work a conference can be a strategic solution or it could simply just be a couple of days out of the office.  If you're work for or own a business, you want... better yet, you need to maintain or grow sales right?  Guess what!  Trade shows are a great place to start.

Surrounded by potential clients and possibly existing clients, trade shows can be a phenomenal way to grow your networks and generate new sales opportunities.  Skilled communicators, networkers and marketers may find it easier to navigate their way in a trade show environment.  Even the most savvy and skilled suppliers know that success begins with preparation and presentation!  

Everything is being evaluated and nothing can be taken for granted.  Your attire, handshake, smile, vocal inflection, business cards, and marketing materials are all on display and affect your presentation and conversations.  Even then, your presentation also includes how your company presents when you aren't around or before you arrive.  Some of your prospects may have reviewed your website, social accounts, database profile info and Google search results to learn more about your company.  

Will you be pleased with what they see?  Are you prepared to grow your business at the 49th Annual Chicago Business Opportunity Fair?  

All ChicagoMSDC certified minority business enterprises are invited to attend a “know-before-you-go-seminar” to prepare for the upcoming conference April 21-22, 2016.  "How to Work a Trade Show 2016," is a perfect opportunity to think ahead and get inside information.

Participating minority businesses will:

  • Receive valuable trade show tips from corporate and MBE perspectives.
  • Learn techniques to maximize sales opportunities.
  • Review branding guidelines for B2B marketing online.
  • Gain insights about the pre-qualification process for Corporate 1-on-1 procurement meetings.
  • Get Knnected with a FREE online profile that will be seen by prospective buyers.

Training presentations by:

  • Tricia Wynn, Project Director, Northwest Indiana MSDC
  • Julia Guan, Certification and IT Manager, ChicagoMSDC
  • Mike Anguiano, CEO, Supplier Capital Partners
  • Jared L Kelly, Principal Consultant, CEI Media Group

Limited space available. Advance registration is required.

FREE ADMISSION for certified minority business enterprises.

Register online at