Register Today for the CBOF50 Corporate 1-on-1 Power Pitch



This year’s Corporate 1-on-1 Power Pitch event is new and improved with up to 50 corporate buyers and procurement officers participating for the 50th Annual Chicago Business Opportunity Fair. Corporate members will search our new software for qualified, certified minority business enterprises (MBEs). If selected, MBEs will be scheduled for a 15-minute introductory meeting with each requesting corporate member.

Minority Business Eligibility:

Corporate 1-on-1 Power Pitch meetings are by invitation only. Corporate members only meet with their choice of suppliers. All interested suppliers must be certified minority business enterprises by the ChicagoMSDC or an NMSDC affiliate. To be considered, MBE suppliers must have a fully completed profile registered on CHICAGOMSDC.MYBUSINESSMATCHES.COM prior to the deadline February 24, 2017.

Only MBEs that are matched with an interested corporate member will pay the $150 registration fee. In situations where the MBE has a profile but no matches are found, then no meetings will be scheduled and registration fee is not applicable.

Corporate Participation:

This year’s Corporate 1-on-1 Power Pitch meetings will make sourcing MBEs easier than ever. Now with, corporate buyers and procurement officers have the ability to search MBE profiles and sign up for 15 minute meetings. Corporate members only meet with their choice of certified minority-owned suppliers. To get started, corporate buyers or procurement officers register on CHICAGOMSDC.MYBUSINESSMATCHES.COM by February 24, 2017 to search the database and choose MBEs for private 1-on-1 meetings.

Profile Assistance:

Need help with setting up your profile? Attend one of our training days at the ChicagoMSDC.

  • Tues, January 17, 2017 - 10:00 am
  • Wed, February 15, 2017 - 10:00 am
  • Please contact Stefanie Garcia with questions and to reserve a spot for the training sessions. Once your request for training is received, a detailed email will be sent confirm.

    MBDA Business Center Contacts:

    Joshua Gutstein, Senior Financial Consultant | Email: | Phone: 312-755-2564

    Stefanie Garcia, Procurement Consultant | Email: | Phone: 312-755-2554